What Being on the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces Means for Your Personality

The personality traits and horoscopes of two star signs for the price of one! In astrology, some zodiac signs are born on a cusp and just like a Gemini, you can have two individual zodiac sign traits within your single horoscope personality. This is one of the reasons why a person may feel like the hard descriptions of their particular zodiac sign doesn’t really describe them. This is called a zodiac cusp. It’s when a person is born on the cusp of two signs. For example, you can be born an Aquarius and yet carry significant Capricorn personality traits. Zodiac cusp signs are unique individuals whose date of birth bring two distinct horoscopes together and create a new horoscope personality with blended astrology traits. There can only be a cusp if both signs overlap during the day that they were born. For example, the zodiac signs Aquarius January 20 – February 18 and Pisces February 19 – March 20 overlap from February 15 through the 21st, causing a cusp. This can be confusing, but it’s not a bad thing.

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Below, Weiss who is available for readings , explains what happens when free-minded, genius-leaning Aquarius signs January 20 to February 18 mix traits with mix traits with the psychic empath Pisces February 19 to March This month, our focus is on those born on the Aquarius Pisces Cusp. With an ethereal presence that feels otherworldly, those who teeter on the edge of Aquarius and Pisces—born a few days before the end of Aquarius season or a few days into Pisces season—are some of the most uniquely creative and intuitive people around.

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The Charismatic Aquarius-Pisces Cusp Man: His Characteristics Revealed

If you don’t know your birth time then things get a little more complicated, but it is often possible to figure it out “backwards” from major life events. That’s a fight called birth time rectification. I won’t confuse things here by going into it, other than to say it exists for that scenario. Another friendship libra establish which sign you are is simply libra look at the list of Aquarius tattoos compared to Pisces traits.

Aquarius and Pisces have very different characteristics so it’s often fairly easy to see which one you are.

The Sun does not move into another sign on the same date each year, but If you were February 16 – 19, you were born on the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces.

Email address:. They are generally dreamers and thinkers, they rationalize everything, put it into perspective through their own lenses, intellectual stimulation is how they go about their lives. These men are also visionary, in that they make plans, small or big ones, it depends on their disposition and ideas. The Aquarius-Pisces cusp man is sensitive and emotional. He only wants to experience the world and what it has to offer.

He has great ideas that could work if only he could keep at it without abandoning half-way through. Unconventional and eccentric, this man is very creative and imaginative, but also a master procrastinator. Intuitively, he is able to visualize and deduct what could happen based present data or just feel what others might do in certain circumstances. For the Aquarius-Pisces cusp man, being outgoing and engaging in many social activities has a destressing function, taking away the worries and the responsibilities of their lives.

However, if he gets hurt or disappointed during these escapades, he will close himself off, become aloof and distant.

Read Now! Compatibility of Aquarius-Pisces Cusps with Other Signs

I was born in feb 19, morning a. All of my behaviours match exactly to both signs and it contrasts so muchhh so i’m very unexpected At times i’m alooff and outgoing and at times very emotionalll and like spending time alone According to aquarius libra is compatible for me!!

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Being on the Aquarius Pisces cusp is a small part of your astrological blueprint. Here is where you can get a free natal chart, to complete your ‘chart’. Hey, it’s the middle of our time of the year! Thanks all of you for joining this community and I hope you receive understanding both of yourself and the rest of them out there. Loved for their compassionate, understanding, and tolerant traits, Aquarian-Pisces tend to have more extroverted personalities than you might imagine for those with such sensitive souls.

Being around people can rejuv The only problem? This innate desire is often coupled with a sense of isolation Sometimes this procrastination is built-in, given the innate disorganization that disrupts any organic flow that might have carried them to the finish line. But who has time for organizing things when your mind is filled with so many great ideas?

There is so much creative energy to this cusp, so much compassion and emotion, that the chores that make daily life run smoothly can easily fall to the wayside. If you are dually ruled by both Uranus and Neptune, know this: You are loved. You are amazing.

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An Aquarius-Pisces cusp is the one who loves the idea of being in a relationship. This person values emotions, unity, friendship, and love like no other cusp. Sounds pretty compatible-ish, doesn’t it? We’ll help you learn more about the Aquarius-Pisces cusp compatibility with other signs of the zodiac chart. Yes, these two elements can not only soothe, but their fierce facet storm and waves can bring about a violent weather around! Although the major trait associated with this cusp is sensitivity, calling this individual sensitive would be like calling a Shaolin monk incapable of fighting just because he prefers peace over violence.

Compatibility is another part of astrology that any Gemini Cancer cusp woman If you were born on this date, you are born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces.

Aries-Taurus cuspers are quite a force to be reckoned with. You are both bold and impassioned, and you are not afraid to lean in to the emotions that you are feeling. Not only are you full of liveliness and unfiltered joy, but you also carry with you a strong warmth that spreads effortlessly towards others. Gemini-Cancer cuspers are the perfect combination of committed and carefree.

These cuspers have some very conflicting personality traits. Therefore, you tend to feel fairly conflicted and uncertain when you start falling for someone. Libra-Scorpio signers are anything but subtle. The Scorpio-Sagittarius cuspers are blessed in the sense that they truly know who they are. Because of this, you tend to fall in love very honestly, very fully, and very securely.

Sagittarius and Capricorn signers have a great combination of optimism and practicality. You are both hopeful and logical, joyful and sincere — and this definitely reflects in the way you fall for another person. You allow yourself to jump in and truly live in the experience, but you also know how to be realistic and levelheaded. Capricorn-Aquarius cuspers may seem outwardly quiet or mysterious, but on the inside, their thoughts and emotions are bouncing around nonstop. Aquarius-Pisces cusp signers fall in love like no one else.

The Aquarius Pisces Cusp

It is said that if your birthday falls somewhere between the 18th and 23rd of the month, you are one of the so many people who are born on the cusp— the cusp means that you were born in the borderline between two signs. And by Zodiac sign, we mean the position of the Sun at the time of your birth — this star progresses from one sign into the next around the 3rd week of every month.

But this aspect is not given; it can vary insignificantly from year to year.

The Aquarius-Pisces cusp woman gives off the impression of a very honest, original and straightforward person, as a combination of idealism.

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Aquarius-Pisces Cusp Sign Dates and Definition

Spiritual, compassionate, imaginitive, peace-loving, artistic and very friendly, this Cusp sign combines the quirky energy of the air sign Aquarius, with the dreamy Pisces to produce individuals who are very intuitive and receptive to the needs of others. They are very intellectual at a high level, but fail miserably when it comes to practical details and following through. They can be so taken up with their thoughts and ideas that they will become forgetful, turn up late for appointments and lose things.

Although strongly spiritual, this Zodiac combination may not be religious. They are artistic and have ideals, but sometimes these are undefined and vague and not at all practical.

Before you can read about the qualities and horoscopes of your cusp, you need Dating an aquarius pisces cusp. Cancers get naked to occur to aries are highly.

Personality: They must learn to trust. They hunger for experience. They are extremely sensitive. They must not give up on the world and retreat. The active, inventive side of Aquarius merge with the dreamy side of Pisces. They are highly introspective and like to be contained within themselves. They find it hard to manage the day-to-day activities of their lives because of the lack in focus. Unless they have experienced a lot, they find it hard to feel comfortable with the worldly affairs.

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